= tailored Project Support

Support required for conception and/or for realisation of a project?
Just support, or a cooperation?
T4S offers knowledge & experience in project management and in system engineering!
Characterisitcs of my approach:Thinker

My own home-configuration for 230V, PV, Meteo and Domotics is a simple 'System'-example.
Technical aspects related to 'System-approach' based on sensors, effectors, networks and their mutual interfaces, aimed at the desired functions.
Organisational aspects are broader applicable for application in profit and non-profit projects, aimed at project realization as-planned from start (= conception) to finish (= after sales).

Support for what aspects?


  1. During conception Toulon4Support can contribute as sparring partner
  2. During acquisition & realisation Toulon4Support can contribute by means of setups and reviews, but also by support to presentations or in realisation [related to Engineering, Evaluation and Management Support]
  3. Toulon4Support can take care of some 'side-issues', such as professional concept-translations between a number of languages
  4. Finishing, aftercare and upgrade? Often a forgotten/neglected aspect, but it is the 'finishing touch' leaving a last(ing) impression ....

Basis for the contribution by Toulon4Support is that YOU keep the control and responsibility, while Toulons4Support provides the Support as agreed!



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